Ilustraciones Surrealistas de la Subcultura Obscura/ Dark Culture

2012: Top 20 Music Non Stop (E-Shop)

Music Non Stop: The Alternative Music Store: Electro, Industrial, Ebm, Darkwave, Electronica, Gothic, noise, Folk, Ambient

Top 20 basado en lo más vendido de Music Non Stop durante el 2012 

20  Varios / Various Artists: Endzeit Bunkertracks (Act VI)

20  Suicide Commando: Attention Whore

19  Mind.In.A.Box: Revelations Club Mixes

16  Velvet Acid Christ: Maldire

16  The Birthday Massacre: Hide & Seek

16  Modulate: Robots

13  Hocico: El Ultimo Minuto

13  FGFC820: Homeland Insecurity

13  De/Vision: Rockets & Swords

12  Frontline Assembly: Airmech

11  Fields of the Nephilim: Ceremonies

07  The Cruxshadows: As the Dark against my Halo

07  In Strict Confidence:  Utopia

07  Faderhead: The World of Faderhead

07  And One: S.T.O.P + Treibwerk EP

06  Nitzer Ebb: Live at the Markthalle

05  Zeitgeist Zero: Black Out EP

04  Emilie Autumn: Fight like a Girl

03  Mind.In.A.Box: Revelations


02  Assemblage 23: Bruise


01  Grendel: Timewave Zero

Grendel TWZ Cover



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