Ilustraciones Surrealistas de la Subcultura Obscura/ Dark Culture

Charts Alemanes/German Charts-DAC 2011 Semana/Week 3


1  Covenant                           Lightbringer (Club EP)
2  Die Krupps                           Als wären wir für immer

3  Deine Lakaien                     Young 2010
4  Faithless                                Sun To Me
5  Alphaville                             I Die For You Today
6  Rotersand                             Waiting To Be Born
7  Absolute Body Control    Sorrow
8  Wynardtage                          A Flicker Of Hope
9  ZPYZ                                       Racecar
10  Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith   Not In Love
11  Culture Kultür                  Spirit
12  Reaper                                Dirty Cash
13  Schandmaul                     Hexeneinmaleins
14  Combichrist                     Fuckmachine
15  Beatsteaks                         Milk & Honey


1  Various                              Advanced Electronics Vol. 8
2  Nachtmahr                        Semper Fidelis

3  Hocico                                 Tiempos De Furia
4  Haus Arafna                      You
5  Various                               Infacted Compilation Vol.5
6  Various                              Septic IX
7  Covenant                          Modern Ruin
8  Solitary Experiments  Compendium
9  Depeche Mode                Tour of the Universe
10  My Chemical Romance Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys


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